LCD Screen Repairs

Description of services that we provide:

What's more distressing than the sound of your laptop's lcd screen cracking as it hits the floor? The voice of manufacturer rep telling you it will cost close to $1,000 to replace it. One of the most common problems laptop users experience hardware-wise is a broken or malfunctioning laptop screen. Laptop screens are incredibly delicate pieces of hardware that can get damaged very easily. Accidents can happen, and they always happen at the worst times, fortunately you have found us and we will help you get your laptop back and running in no time, at a fraction of the cost the manufacturer wants.

Turbo Tech NERDS Guarantee:

Full Six Month Limited Warranty!



LCD Screen Repairs
We can help you with:
System Optimization  
Virus Removal
Desktop Repairs 
Laptop Repairs 
DC Power Jacks
Internet Connections
Wifi Networks
Windows & Apple

Our Service Includes:
Brand new high quality OEM compatible screen
New Screen Warrantied Installation
Removal of dust and lint accumulation from inside the laptop
Inspect backlight power inverter
SAME DAY at your home or office screen replacement
6 months limited warranty
Add-on Services:
Add any of these services and save!
System Tune-up and Optimization   Virus Removal Data Backup   Hardware Upgrades
30% Performance Increase
with an Upgrade: Guaranteed!!
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Our Philosophy

With rapid advancements in technology our philosophy has consistently been to provide the end-user with a streamline & efficient approach to their daily computing tasks & entertainment needs. We understand that technical jargon along with the troubleshooting & install procedures can often be challenging. That's why we continually & rigorously train ourselves to help serve "you" more effectively.

Our Commitment

At Turbo Tech Nerds our commitment is to continuously ensure your satisfaction. Our staff of dedicated technicians will work tirelessly to gain your confidence & satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing you with fast, professional & immediate support. We want to your one-stop shop for all of your technology needs. Let us show you how we're different from the rest!

What our clients say

test "...I was very impressed with their fast turn-around, professionalism and general attitude of care & compassion. These guys really care about their client-base and it truly shows..."
test"...the consultant spent 90 minutes with me discussing various options for installation. I was blown away by the extent of his knowledge. He gave me several options for the install which were priced reasonably..."